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When I started this blog, I had aspirations to post every other day. As reality started to set in, I bumped that down to twice a week…and then eventually settled on once a week. It has currently been two weeks since my last blog entry.

I know what you are probably thinking: “No duh, Ash!” But there are things taking my time that I didn’t even account for. For example: You have no idea the amount of time I have dedicated to trying to find a dress for our oldest to wear in the wedding. She is 13 and MY size! All I want is a formal dress in my size that keeps our 13 year old looking like a just 13 year old. I still have yet to find it. And do you have any idea how many varieties of gold spray paint there are?? Many much-the answer is many much. It was cute how I was like, “I’ll just go to Lowe’s and pick one easy peasy.”

All this has led to the decision to walk you through a day in the life! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: My Monday.

6:20 First Alarm…..ignore.

6:45 Second Alarm….ignore….no wait! Can’t ignore. Drag myself out of bed. Go into the bathroom to get as presentable as one can get before 7am and with only 5 minutes. While I am in there I hear David come in and start waking children. Love that man.

6:52 Go to the kitchen, turn on coffee maker, and start making lunches. Five lunches and two snack bags (because the twins are required to bring separate lunch boxes for lunch and snack). Say Good Morning to children and fiance’ and they trickle into the kitchen one or two at a time. Direct able children to go get dressed while I finish lunches.

7:08 First sip of coffee….ahhhh

7:09 Head to the bathroom to do school hair and inspect clothes picked. I don’t know when the ability to match clothing kicks in, but I’ll let you know when I find out. And have some younger kids somehow exited the house without underwear before? Perhaps. Shoes on the wrong feet? Perhaps. Inspection time is key.

7:18 David leaves to drive Hope to the bus stop.

7:21 David returns. He tackles diapers on the littles and I tackle 5 bowls of cereal. Love that man. Once cereal is poured I realize we didn’t read the four books that the twins needed to read as homework over the weekend. I stand and read books to all 5 youngest while they eat breakfast. Two books in, David takes over so I can go get out of my PJs and put real clothes on. Love that man.

7:40 Mad dash to fill in reading log, get shoes on, pour coffee into travel mug, get lunches and homework into back packs and get out the door. (With the help of one awesome fiance’. Love that man.)

7:46 Get five kids buckled in car seats, kiss fiance’ goodbye, get on the way just a few minutes behind schedule.

7:52-8:22 Drive to the school to drop the twins off and then drive back home all the while breaking up fights about not liking the noises someone is making, whether or not it is a “sunny day”, who loves everybody more, etc. There are cute moments mixed in too of kids telling each other, “I love you” and singing songs.

8:23 Pull up to the house as David is leaving. Get to say goodbye again and hear about how he woke up the oldest by playing loud British Fife and Drum music, marching into her bedroom carrying a toy broom like a musket, and poking her with said musket till she got up. Effective parenting. Head upstairs to help Grace get pulled together and out the door on time. I also start a to do list for the day and answer a few messages received overnight.

8:50 As Grace leaves for the bus stop, I take a load of laundry downstairs to the laundry room to get started.

8:54 Return upstairs and draw all over my face with a pink sharpie. Yes that’s right. I then record a video for my little make up business, but get interrupted right in the middle. This was a video I wanted to be able to reuse so I head to the bathroom to remove all makeup and sharpie from my face, redraw the cat face, and rerecord the video.

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Ya, I wasn’t kidding.

9:30 Edit video. Post video. Do not remove makeup and sharpie from face.

9:40 Get the starving children a snack, put in work out DVD, try to get in the mood to work out. Does that even exist? I don’t think it does. See, as if my life isn’t crazy enough, the human in me can’t help but want to make a few changes before the wedding day that is quickly approaching so I am trying to work out every day. In all my free time.

9:47 Push play.

9:47 Push pause. The children are thirsty. Of course. Fill three water bottles. Tell children I won’t stop again until the end of the DVD. Josiah decided to do it with me.

9:50 Push play.

9:59. Push pause. Sigh. Place child in time out who drug a comb hard across the tv and then argued with me when I asked them not to do it again. Push play.

10:06 Push pause. A fight has broken out over one child’s unquenchable need to knock over another child’s tower every time it is built. Push play.

10:08-10:25 Work out, refusing to stop again, while yelling out things like “stop!” “Be nice!” “Don’t look at her if you don’t like it.” “Just ignore it!” Josiah did do most of the DVD with me. My favorite moment was when he asked, “Mommy, am I going to wear a wedding dress?” “No baby, but you are going to get a suit.” “A wedding suit?!” “Yes.” “Then I better work out harder!” They are always listening, my friends, and picking up on more than you realize!

10:28 DVD ends and NOW they are all playing nicely.

10:28-10:35 Lay on the floor. Find my life again. Sweat. Wonder why I do this.

10:35 Go downstairs with shaky legs to move the laundry to the dryer. Tell Josiah he is in charge just because he thinks its fun to be the oldest for a moment.

10:38 Hear crying and run upstairs. Find Jo putting a band aid on Charlotte because she got a boo boo. I see no boo boo but assist since he was trying so hard to be a good big brother. Faith sees there is no real boo boo so fakes her own injury to get a band aid. Josiah of course now needs a band aid for his old boo boo. I looked entirely too long for a blue band aid among all the princess and Dora band aids. Finally found a minion one.

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10:45 Answer a few messages that have come in through the morning.

10:47 Stop that to put a child in time out for hitting. Hit child cries as though she has been mortally wounded. Finish message responses anyway.

10:50 Snack time. Almost immediately regret giving the 2. 3, and 4 year olds open containers of applesauce.
Fact: Saying “Don’t step in it!” pretty much guarantees someone will step in it while looking for what you were saying not to step in.

10:58 Head to the bathroom to shower and find the boy stinking up the bathroom.

11:01 After getting in shower, get back out of shower to remove cat face I forgot was there (dat coverage).

11:08 Get out of shower to hear 4 year old calling 2 year old by both her first and middle name. He takes his job of being in charge seriously. Proceed to get dressed while simultaneously looking for a Superman suit, answering texts from fiance’ about things that need to go in the savings account, and helping everyone get their selected dress up clothes on. Obviously I went with comfy Lula leggings today!

11:22 Find the cup of coffee I made at 6:55  this morning and never finished. Place it in the microwave.

11:25 Start setting up to do a live video for the little make up business because it’s been forever since I have.

11:37 Start live video. Ramble for 13 minutes and try to keep my train of thought with children playing behind me. Clean up my make shift studio while listening to the video just to make sure I didn’t say anything too foolish while I was half distracted.

12:02 Start making lunches

12:13 Call children to the table to eat the lunches. Smell poo. Times 2. Change two poopies while telling myself I really need to start pushing the potty training. Tell that first voice to shut up and allow second voice to remind me it’s okay that they are not potty trained yet. Finally change the 2 and 3 year old out of the pajamas and into play clothes.

12:19 Call kids to the table for lunch take 2.

12:24 Find coffee in the microwave. Restart microwave to heat it again.

12:28 All kids have left the table. I look at plates and wonder why I try. Call children back to the table.

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12:29 Find the reason why I always say food stays at the table.


12:32 While trying to convince the children to eat I realize that the 4 year old is starting an asthma episode. I give him his inhaler and help him focus on relaxing.

12:37 Tuck littles into their beds for nap time. This is after finding an impressive mess and deciding to clean it up rather than have them do it and delay nap time. Get Josiah (who has insisted on wearing his Superman muscles to bed because they make him “feel better”) tucked in for quiet time with a movie in his room.

12:42 Find coffee in the micro again. Give up and dump what is remaining.

12:45 Customer stops by to exchange a product.

12:48 Clean up lunch. Start to tidy living room. Realize I am pretty much just moving the mess around because the kids are in their rooms where the toys actually go. Abort mission.

12:52 Go downstairs to to get clean laundry from the dryer. Add basket to the two already upstairs from last night and tell myself I will fold all three baskets….soon. I do see one of David’s shirts sticking out though and he likes those hung right away so they don’t wrinkle so I go back downstairs to hang it up in his closet. While in his room I see a basket of clean laundry on his bed that needs to be folded. I decide to take care of it for him. I bring it upstairs and place it with the other baskets to make four total…..for later.
Remember-wrinkles are a fashion statement.

1:01 Sit down to work on this blog entry. See all the open tabs on my lap top of things I am in the middle of. Sigh. It can wait.

1:33 Another customer stops by to pick up an order. While chatting with her she sees the for sale sign and asks if we are moving. I tell her yes to which she replies, “You are moving, planing a wedding, taking care of all the kids and running this make-up business? You should consider adding something else to that-how about a pet?” I laugh and tell her about the blog and tell her she should read this entry because she pretty much just summed up exactly what this entry is about!

1:41 Back to work!

2:14 Superman comes out of his bedroom in need of a nebulizer treatment. I sit with him while he uses his machine (as he calls it).

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2:28 The littles come out from nap time just as I am finishing up getting to this point of the blog. It’s time to start putting on shoes and going potty before going to the school to pick up the twins!

2:40 Out the door! Fun 40 minute ride full of more chaos than you can imagine. What is it about being in the car that brings out the sport of “pester” in children?? And they are all pros!

3:20 Walk back in the door as Hope is arriving home from school too. Have, the now 6 kids home, sit at the table for snack time. About this time I start to admit to myself what I tried to ignore in the car: I have somehow tweaked my back again. It is slowly getting worse. Boo! Ibuprofen in as well as a mental note not to pick up the kids. I’ll admit: I struggle with this. From the 5 year olds down I still like to pick them up and cuddle them. They will always be my babies.

3:30 Take a moment to message a new member on my Y-team while Hope is making it rain animal crackers and goldfish for everyone at the table.

3:35 Check back backs, put lunchboxes away, check homework, check mail.

3:40 Set the youngest three up with an activity. Set the older three that are home up at the table for homework time. Hope works mostly on her own while I work with the twins on theirs. Stop a dozen times to help the child that still hasn’t figured out how the kid tablets work. “Mommy it not work again.” *I swipe up with my finger* ” Oh!”

4:14 Twins’ homework is done and there is still no dinner plan. Despite the fact that I have so many things I’d like to get done at this moment, I plan the meals for the week so I know I have something for tonight.

4:25 While making the menu in the kitchen I realize the sink is full of dishes from breakfast and lunch, and dinner time is coming. I better empty it so it doesn’t get out of hand. PS- We don’t have a dishwasher. Hand washing dishes gives you the opportunity to think about all the things you will need to do later because you had to spend time standing at the sink. Then there is just enough time left to scold yourself for complaining about washing the dishes, that hold the food we eat, under the clean water that runs in our home. Refocused!

4:43 That laundry pile is calling my name. It sounds a little eerie and ominous. And then it laughs and I shudder. I cannot even see my bed under all of it. Waiting another day will only result in it growing. May the folding begin…
As I fold I start making a list of the things I have to do tomorrow that I didn’t get to today. It gets bigger as the laundry pile gets smaller. Or is it getting smaller? How have I folded this much and the pile still looks the same??

How you ask am I able to wash dishes and fold laundry? I may have distracted the children with electronic entertainment. I try not to do it often, but sometimes it’s just necessary. Today is one of those days. Plus it keeps Josiah from getting worked up when he is having an episode. But alas, 5:10 and there is the screaming that has been missing.



5:10 I head back to break up an all out brawl while Grace walks in from school. She tells me about her day as I start dinner (and she makes sure the cauliflower that she sees being prepared is not something she has to eat. Nothing like pre-dinner complaining.)

5:20 David comes in from work, greets me with a kiss (yay) and tells me about his day while I finish preparing the part of dinner I am working on. He too had to confirm the the cauliflower was not for him.

5:30 I get it in the oven and he heads to his room to change. On his way out the door I hear, “Is that the laundry from my bed??” Little blessing 🙂 While he is gone, its time to clean up the mess before dinner. I will not include a picture. It’s not pretty. Seven can do some damage! Rally the troops! Hand out the orders! Supervise the execution of said orders!

5:46 Sixteen minutes and much hollering (nicer word than yelling) later and the toys are put away. David asks “Do you have a surviving cup of coffee lying around or should I  make you one?” He calls coffee my second love language. And he speaks it well. As he brews, I set Josiah up for another treatment with his nebulizer.

5:48 Continue making dinner while listening to the sounds of the other room. I love listening to David talk to the kids.

To Josiah he says: I hear you watched your little sisters and helped mom today.
Josiah bashfully: Ya, I know.

Charlotte: that one! that one!
David: we are not watching the trailer park boys
(not sure what this was referring to but something on Netflix)

David to the room: And that, I believe, is snot on my pants. Eww.

David to Charlotte and Faith: It sounds like you two need some separate time. Let’s have some separate time. You there and you there.

6:00 brings the need for us to work together to work out a disagreement. After double teaming it, Meredith and David double team setting the table while I go back to preparing dinner.

6:13 We sit for dinner. And I bring my coffee because…..I forgot about it. I sit and put my head on David’s shoulder and he says, “Don’t worry dear, you’ll get your 47th wind.”

It is now 6:44 and David has banished me to the living room to sit for a few. Gosh, I love that man. The oldest four will work together to clean up the kitchen they are assigned jobs to get it done. I will sit for a few and edit the blog to this point.,,,aaaand Grace just brought me my coffee…again.

7:00 That was fun. Up I go. There is a crier and a beggar currently and its time for PJs!

7:30 Youngest 5 kids are tucked in. Josiah has been given medicine and we prayed over him when we tucked him in because he is still having trouble breathing. My mom has stopped by. She is flying tomorrow (which she is terrified of), for the first time, on her her birthday, and has a million questions. Before she leaves, she gives me a copy of her flights so I can check them if any planes go down tomorrow. Oh brother. David is sure to make a few jokes to lighten her spirits.

8:00 Mom leaves. The count of going in the tell kids to get back in bed is up to 5 (the last one was preceded by a parental fist bump). I sit on my heating pad to finish this blog entry.

8:30 Blog complete and now is the time of evening that David and I try to dedicate some time to each other. No working, no facebook, no folding laundry (even though it is still calling my name and jeering me). Tonight we are looking forward to watching the last of the Horatio Hornblower movies from A&E. Don’t judge. (Perhaps now the fife and drum music from earlier makes a little more sense. Perhaps not.)

*8:35 Josiah is awake and needing another treatment. A mother’s job is never done <3

Before bed I will make a to do list for tomorrow with hopes of actually making some wedding or business progress tomorrow. I think I hear the laundry piles laughing again.

I just can’t imagine why I am not able to get more blog entries done….

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  1. Barbara Hawkins O'Connell on April 4, 2017 at 3:29 am

    Ok, I’m exhausted just reading it! I give you so much credit for continually handling each hectic day with patience and a sense of humor (well, most days).

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